Lee’s Summit Magic Tree is a celebratory landmark at I-470 and View High Drive for residents and neighbors to enjoy during the Holiday season.

These past years, the lighting of the tree has offered sentiments of hope, goodness, peace and love as visitors took time to enjoy the simple elegance of the tree, take advantage of the beautiful and unique photography setting as well as give to those who are in need in our community.


This holiday season, the Magic Tree is working with Operation Toy Soldier to provide toys to the children of deployed and non-deployed soldiers. Please help Santa by bringing a donation of a new, unwrapped, toy when you visit the Magic Tree.

Proudly supporting Operation Toy Soldier

Please bring an un-opened toy when you visit the #LSmagictree

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It’s a tree, it’s lit up, and brings magic. No lies here.

Miles Collier

Took advantage of warm weather over the weekend and took my 4-year old daughter out to visit the Magic Tree. She was in awe. Wanting to touch it. To run around it. To hug it. Needless to say, a new tradition has been born. Thank you for making these smiles possible.

Jeremy B. - Lenexa, KS

I grew up in KC & 3 years ago I moved to Fayetteville, AR with my husband. Since I moved away the one thing I have come to miss is my parents. I come back quite frequently to work & visit but every Friday when I’m here my father & I always go to the movies. Well tonight I suprised him with a visit to the Magic Tree. What a wonderful memory I have seeing my father enjoy the beauty of the tree. Thank you for giving us this tree of hope & beauty. Now I just need to figure out how to get my mother there! 🙂

Beth Lingar - Fayetteville, AR

Thank you so much for bringing the Magic Tree back this year. It is so peaceful and is a wonderful family attraction. I have told so many people about it.

Charlotte - Belton, Missouri

You will feel the magic, make a wish!
What a blessing for our area has having the Magic Tree for all to enjoy.
Merry Christmas!

Pat - Lee's Summit MO

Every night on my way home to Overland Park, I glance over and see the tree … the world just seems a little brighter after I catch a glimpse of the beautiful colors. Thank you for brightening every night !

Anne - Overland Park, KS

When our two daughters (ages 5 and 3) first saw the Magic Tree, their reactions were absolutely amazing. Adelyn our 3yr old said, “It’s so beautiful I want to say thank you to God!” She was so sincere and emotional. It brought us to tears and Ryla said she wanted to thank God too, and was just as moved. When they saw it, they were more in awe than when we visited Disney World last Christmas. To the individuals responsible, a simple “thank you” hardly seems sufficient, but thank you for giving my family a memory we will forever cherish.

Phil Taylor - Bent Tree Bluffs subdivision

My family and I went for the first time this year. It was chilly out that night, but well worth it. It is a nice sight to see. Plus, it’s all for a great cause!

Katniss Everdeen =) - Grandview, MO

Visited the tree last night with 5 of my best friends ( 6 women) as part of out annual Christmas gathering. I had told my friends I had a surprise for them and that was taking them to the Magic tree. Everyone LOVED it! Had such a fun time and now have a cherished memory. I don’t know who owns the land it is on but whoever you are, THANK YOU!.

Jay - Lee's Summit

This is the most beautiful tree and I love seeing it on my drive home every night! Thank you so much for starting this great tradition!

Jerry - Lees Summit

Thank You for providing a now family tradition that we can remember for years! We have great things planned for that tree, and years of memories to look forward too. Thank You!

John Doe - Lee's Summit, MO

Enjoy the tree!!!!!!! Went by about 3 AM Wednesday morning and it was still lit.

Eric - Lee's Summit, MO

And we thought the little tree was just for us last year! We would visit it every week night. Such a beautiful place. Our little people (grandchildren) could not wait until the tree lighting this year. We kept a watchful eye on it throughout the summer to make sure no one cut it down or damaged the little tree. It’s a very special tree!

Jane Doe - Lee's Summit, Mo.

Last year, some friends and I stumbled upon the tree and were fascinated by it. We thought it was unlike anything we had ever seen. It is definitely magical. It’s a great place to get pictures and in itself is a great spot to make memories, wether it be romantic memories or just memories with some friends. This place will not be forgotten and will be remembered for years to come. So, thank you owner of the tree. Your gesture has changed many lives!

Chris Wright - Raytown, Missouri

Tree Owner:
Thank you for being a bright spot in my dark world. I am struggling through deep grief this Christmas & your tree has given me hope. It is so symbolic & has touched my heart more thank you’ll ever know. I feel like this tree is lit just for me (even though I am sure it is not). Thank you & may God bless you always.

Christina - Breckenridge, CO

I love this tree! It is a such a refreshing landmark to pass each day on my way home from work. Thank you!

Bob Smith - Blue Springs, MO

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What is Operation Toy Soldier

Operation Toy Soldier is a holiday toy drive program designed to increase awareness and community involvement for veterans, active soldiers and their families. Operation Toy Soldier is a nationwide initiative by Veterans Funeral Care to provide toys to the children of deployed and non-deployed soldiers, and also the children of soldiers that have just returned home. This toy drive, thanks to Jim Rudolph, has its own website. You can find listings all of the participating Veterans Funeral Care affiliates along with event pictures, drop off locations, etc., on the Operation Toy Solider website.



Monetary Donations are also great way to support Operation Toy Soldier, visit the website for more.